Sunday, February 25, 2018

Already seen the best movies? Take a look at potential future hits.

  • Chicken
  • Pearls of Wisdom
  • The Penalty
  • Saddle the Wind
  • The Sea Witch
  • Running Free

    imageby John Sharpe

    "The things you love must run free."
    A city-bred Country Western singer keeps house for a widowed rancher and his two teenage kids. She chafes under the rigors of ranch life, and the rancher struggles to keep wild mustangs from ruining his grazing land; land coveted by a local speculator. The singer finds the family she never had, and the rancher learns he cannot keep the things he loves from running free.”

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    Jungle Katz

    imageby Aimee Lamb and Ron Shears

    "Animal cunning vis-a-vis modern technology"
    A snow leopard and a Bengal tiger team up on a trek to a Himalayan animal sanctuary, pursued by poachers, and a wealthy woman hunter tracking them via computers and satellites. They are joined by a fast-talking crow and a near-blind former working elephant. An Indian tracker, his grandson, and their tame falcon try to help the big cats reach the sanctuary and others of their kind.”

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    Alien to Love

    Alien to Loveby Jerry Patterson

    "Adapting to life and love on planet Earth"
    Halee and Jacques-Lynn aren't really aliens, as they are descendants of people taken from Europe during the Middle Ages. With out-of-this-world talents, attitudes and dating customs, they hilariously adapt to their new home. The story is set in southwestern France, but with American lead characters.

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