Sunday, February 25, 2018

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  • Chicken
  • Pearls of Wisdom
  • The Penalty
  • Saddle the Wind
  • The Sea Witch
  • Mad Mike, A Chindit

    showcase10by Ron Shears and Aimee Lamb

    Chindits’ never die, they go to Heaven and regroup; they've already been to Hell!
    This is the true story of the heroic WW2 exploits of a highly decorated English soldier known as “Mad Mike.” Brigadier Michael Calvert led risky commando raids against the Japanese in Burma, but was hated by his superior officers. In 1952 he was court marshaled on trumped-up charges and dismissed from the army without pension or benefits. The most decorated soldier in the British Army sold his medals for 18,000 pounds sterling and drank most of it away in 12 months. A former Chindit named Lord Mountbatten as the man responsible for framing Mad Mike, but the soldier had no proof.

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    Brave Animal

    imageby Tom and Jerry Patterson

    "A great family movie yet unmade."
    To tell you about this script, we quote Catherine Duncan, the judge in a Final Draft International Screenwriting Competition who rated it excellent or very good in every category, and tried to sell a later draft to DreamWorks. She said, "The forest creatures and their champion, Joseph, band together to stop a housing development in Minnesota. This was such fun to read. The revenge of the animals and the Indian cultural overlay of the story were wonderful. This is such a simple idea, but told in a very appealing way. The characters are terrific … The villains are perfect … And using Jesse Ventura is a great idea. The choices of animals and their behaviors are excellent.”

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    The Peacekeeper

    imageby Jerry Patterson

    This script has been removed from the site. It will soon be replaced by a rewritten version.

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