Sunday, February 25, 2018

Read a Movie

Many people prefer to learn a story from a script, as it is quicker and easier to read than a novel. Reading a movie normally takes about as long as it would to watch one. The opening page of the script will explain the abbreviations and industry jargon used, although most are obvious anyway. The script you receive differs only slightly from the way the author would present it to a movie production company. It is converted to a typeface and style everyone is able to print.

When you return to, to see if new scripts are listed and order another movie to read, please FIRST use the "contact us" button to comment on the script you just read and rate it from one to five stars. Also tell us if you and family members (how many?) would see such a movie. Doing so takes only seconds, and the opinions of you and thousands of others could help persuade a producer to make it into a movie you can watch. Comments and results pages, which record and tabulate reader reactions via geography, age and gender will be added, along with a page for producers.

ATTENTION TEACHERS: We are especially interested in distributing our kid-friendly scripts to teachers. By sharing them with their students, they quickly enable us to gather data and expand potential audiences. Elementary teachers can read it to students in place of a novel, while older students read it themselves.Drama teachers are invited to adapt scenes for their own stage productions. You can report results to us, or have students do so directly. Be sure to tell us how many people express a desire to see the movie. Also order scripts of other genres for your personal reading and report on them, too. Please recommend our site not only to other teachers, but everyone who enjoys reading.


To read one of our scripts:
Select "Scripts" from the top menu and choose either .PDF format or .TXT format.