Sunday, February 25, 2018

Already seen the best movies? Take a look at potential future hits.

  • Chicken
  • Pearls of Wisdom
  • The Penalty
  • Saddle the Wind
  • The Sea Witch
  • Lucky at Love

    showcase0by John Sharpe

    “A lonely, retired black man meets a Jewish widow on a cruise ship and discovers that even unconventional love is more important than money.”
    It’s romance on the high seas – or maybe more like “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner” on the Love Boat – when Peter Babbit, a former garbage man, wins a cruise to the Mexican Riviera and a stateroom next to Sarah Goldman, a woman who is a “burden” to her son’s family, and to a snooty Pasadena matron on the prowl for her sixth husband. Sarah warms to Peter, but he complicates things when he hits it big in the ship’s casino and turns into a complete bore. But he finally gets the message, and a surprising act of kindness redeems him in Sarah’s eyes.

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    Sold On Love

    showcase11by Jerry Patterson

    "A budding screenwriter and a backwoods babe tangle amid Tinseltown intrigues as their real-life romance parallels his ’Arabian Nights’-like fantasy."
    “Sold on Love” is two stories in one, both hilarious but with different perspectives and tones. The script is peppered with short, fantasy-like scenes in the mind of Tim, an action screenwriter who dreams of writing a romantic comedy and participates in a charity auction date in the hope that it will provide material. His story is about an Arab prince who buys a slave girl with a passion for monogamy as an addition to his harem. It is a parody of events in the primary story and features the same actors in different roles. Although set in the Middle Ages, the dialogue, attitudes, and even some artifacts, are strictly 21st Century LA. The script thus provides a male perspective, in addition to the traditional “chick flick” point of view. It aims for a PG-13 rating.

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    Where the Devil Says Goodnight

    showcase9by Aimee Lamb and Ron Shears

    "A hard-to-believe true story"
    “Where the devil says goodnight,” a name given to Siberia by the people of Poland, relates the horrific life of prisoners in a labor camp where winter chill temperatures reach 50 below. It is told through the experiences of Beata Karp, a young woman who lived to tell the tale. She was just turning 21 and her husband had already been tortured to death. After three years of Hell, a treaty released Polish prisoners. Beata, now in the Polish army, learned that her mother, oldest step-sister and her son were alive in a Siberian commune and returned with forged documents. She trekked over 20,000 freezing miles to find them and smuggle them out.

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