Saturday, February 17, 2018

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  • Red Deer

    Red Deerby Aimee Lamb

    "Love amidst the wreckage …Indians meet whites in 1800s America.
    A young French woman escapes from a massacre by outlaws, and is taken in by members of the Mandan tribe. She lives with them through a smallpox epidemic which almost wipes out the tribe, marries a Pawnee brave, and is re-united with family members who also survived the massacre.

    imageABOUT THE AUTHORAimee Lamb is “Mistress of the Period Piece.” The majority of her scripts, many of which are award winners and under consideration by movie production companies, are historical dramas. She also published an historical novel, which she later adapted as a script, and was scriptwriter and assistant producer of a film documentary of American artist Ellis Ruley. A native of Switzerland, she spent her youth in England, majored in history at London University, and now resides in California.
    NOTE: A rape scene and other violence make this a story primarily for adults. However, it may be suitable for some older children, as there are no graphic sex scenes and no foul language.


    # Red DeerDennis Goldberg 2010-12-19 03:51
    A great story, well told and with all the ingredients that an adult audience will enjoy.
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