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  • The Sea Witch

    showcase0by Ron Shears and Aimee Lamb

    “The search for a lost Dutch galleon with three billion in treasure.”
    Aboard the Sea Witch, treasure seekers (including young people) search an Australian reef where an Aboriginal boy found a gold trinket under the shifting sands, and where dangers include cyclones, killer sharks, barracuda, giant manta rays, and salt-water crocodiles. This action feature is suitable for family reading.

    imageABOUT THE AUTHORSRon and Aimee have been a screenwriting team for many years, but collaborate via the Internet and have never met. He is in western Australia; she lives in California.


    # The Sea WitchSharon of Minnesota 2011-04-01 21:54
    This is an interesting topic which obviously took special knowledge to
    produce. How did the authors meet and realize their common interest?
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    # MrRon Shears 2014-11-07 01:51
    A UK writer was establishing a stable of writers. He asked me to join, after I submitted a synopsis, he asked for more. He put six on his web site, I asked for help as I'd some many concepts, at my late age I'd never complete most. He was inundated with offers. He selected a couple. After reading several styles I selected Aimee. We've been together since, and completed stacks. Sorry for this delay as I rarely google my name.
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    # Mr.Ron Shears 2016-03-04 04:34
    Forgive me Sharon, I've never visited this site.I met my co-writer via an English writers web site. Here, I'd posted 6 synopses, asking for a co-writer. Many replied. From 3 I picked one and we've been writing ever since. Our portfolio is vast, we must have over 70 concepts in various stages. Many as books, even more as screenplays. Hope this helps. email:
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    # RE: The Sea WitchUnsoldscripts 2011-04-03 11:19
    You may find this hard to believe, Sharon, but Ron and Aimee, who live thousands of miles apart, have never met in person. We don't know how they became acquainted, but will find out and get back to you. Or Ron or Aimee may leave a blog explaining their long-term team writing relationship. Dennis Goldberg, author of "Madam President," also has done team writing with Aimee, but he has met her. Team writing is common, and when rewriting authors who normally work alone may have other writers help them, or work with script consultants.
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