Sunday, February 25, 2018

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  • Jungle Katz

    imageby Aimee Lamb and Ron Shears

    "Animal cunning vis-a-vis modern technology"
    A snow leopard and a Bengal tiger team up on a trek to a Himalayan animal sanctuary, pursued by poachers, and a wealthy woman hunter tracking them via computers and satellites. They are joined by a fast-talking crow and a near-blind former working elephant. An Indian tracker, his grandson, and their tame falcon try to help the big cats reach the sanctuary and others of their kind.”

    imageABOUT THE AUTHORSAimee and Ron have been co-writing for many years. His "Where the Devil Says Goodnight" came in fifth out of 1,200 entries in an international screenwriting competition. Most of her works, including a number of award winners, are period piece dramas. Ron's an Englishman, now living in West Australia. A native of Switzerland, Aimee spent her youth in England, studied at London University, and now resides in California.
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    Jungle Katz :: Drawing by Diane McCoy, Phoenix Jungle Katz :: Drawing by Diane McCoy, Phoenix


    # Jungle CatsDennis Goldberg 2010-12-19 03:52
    Love the [censored]le. Love the story and the great writing. Read it and enjoy it.
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